A Better Me

This is my continued story, titled ” A Better Me ” Now as to why I say this you will have to
continue reading, you see Since I have been using our CBD product I have found that I am now
after four years finally sleeping at night and I no longer get out of bed in eminence pain.

Ever since I broke my back in 2014 I have not been able to get a full nights sleep, all due to
that accident. You see I have been living with chronic pain 24/7, between my back, two torn rotator cuffs
and a bad knee sleeping without tossing and turning every night all night long has become somewhat natural
for me up until I started taking CBD Oil. I use to crawl out of bed in so much pain that it was hard to stand
up straight. Now after taking the CBD Oil, it is like having my life back again.

I now sleep throughout the night, and when I get out of bed in the morning standing up straight is not an issue
anymore. I Am A Better Me because I don’t have to take pills that have all those scary side effects on the label.
I now can go about my day without being in pain 24/7 and I thank CBD Oil for that for it has given me my life back.

I Am A Better Me because of the company I have chosen to partner with and the products that we have to offer.
The fact is I really could go on and on about this company, the products, all the great training that is offered all the people involvedthe mentorship and coaching I think are the best have ever seen.

In my opinion, there is no better company to partner with,  in this industry as we do have the best quality CBD on the market today!


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