My Story

Richard Brown here, Please allow me to introduce my story to you as to how I got involved in Network Marketing.

To be honest, it all started years ago in my early 20’s as I was intrigued by what was happening In the direct mail advertising industry, you see I always made it a point to read all the ads and calms of How you could make so much money.

Well, this fascination continued throughout the years and It was not until I broke my back in 2014 while painting in a school and fell when the staging I was on Collapsed and I hit the concrete floor beneath me flat on my back.

After being taken to one hospital And not being able to get the help I needed I was transported to another hospital and after they did an MRI It was found that I had suffered a T-12 compound fracture where half of my vertebra was ever so close to Lodging up into my spinal cord.

The Nero surgeon had told me that they could try and fuse it together and showed me a mockup of how They would do it and at the same time told me that it was a 50/50 chance that it would be successful Because the bone was so close to my spinal cord.

Well after hearing all the hora stories from others that had back surgery I asked him if there was an option B and was told I could wear an upper body brace and maybe if I were lucky enough it would fuse itself back together on its own.

I chose option B and told him to watch me I will walk again. That second night while lying in that hospital bed I knew my paintings days were done and over with. So, I made up my mind that as soon as I could I would look online and find another way of making a living.

This was the start of my online journey into Network Marketing online.

Over the past four-plus years while trying to learn Everything I can and trying out several opportunities and programs I have lost a great deal of money but at the same time Have learned a great deal as well like what not to do and the importance of having coaches and mentors that truly care About my success.

It is now my mission to provide the very best content in” Self-Development, Health and the creation of Wealth” 

By joining me today you will have access to the training of none other than Robert Hollis a gentleman who has helped Create 55 millionaire’s in the past few years!

Plus access to many training videos that will put you on the road to Success.

You will also have the opportunity to get involved in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries CBD which is Expected to grow 800% by the year 2020.

You will find yourself working side by side with some of the best in the field of Network marketing today.

My Story

Stay Tuned For My Next Update On My Story Coming Soon! Thanks For Reading And All See You Next Time!

Richard W Brown


  1. That is a courageous , loving , hope , and sweet story . And you really make me share tears and at the same time letting me know i shouldn’t loose hope.

    you are sweet and loving dear

  2. Hiya, Richard. How are you getting on today? I know mad accidents can leave a serious problem with many but are often overcome-able, if folk never give up.

    Really glad to hear the online world is helping you and hope you’re stuff is a great success. As a new user of CBD oil here in the UK, where it’s now legal to buy & sell, I’ve found an immediate improvement in my health…from day one, so would recommend it to anyone. Kepp up the great work and catch ya soon.

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